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back stage

Behind the scenes, We will ensure that every detail of the makeup is properly in harmony with the colors of the ensemble and atmosphere for your catwalk, play, award or special event.


Because We know all Women dreamed to walk side by side with her loved One.

I'll be enchanted to be part of this special day


Be a Diva for a day, surrounded by blushers & brushes to glam up our looks, for yourself or a group of friends.  


about me.

Marilyn is an international makeup artist who is been traveling around the world, to more than 30 countries. Since She was little she always dreamt to become as a model and all relate of the fashion path.

At the age of 16th, she study a Technic Carrer of  Beauty Cultist, which is encompassing Cosmetician, Hairdresser, and Modeling.

After her graduation the first contacted to her carrier was hossting events and modeling accesories, jeans, shoes etc, later on She learned how to manage and coordinate events. In the 2000 She opened  PERFIL a Model agency and Event Hosstes, which operates more than 3 years. After years back in Dubai She started performed as an extra for advertise, shows, series etc. etc.

Been surrounded by brushes, blushes and lashes she returned back to the beauty world, taking a profesional makeup artist Course.

The lates is a Masterclass in backstage and events coordinator back in Singapore..

Hello Ya'll first of all, thank you so much for stoping by and read part of my professional Curriculum.

I am so bless to meet every day such an incredible people whereever I been and so excited to keep meeting more.

 Thank you for trusting in my work.

God Bless You.!


Marilyn Gonzalez 

Quinceanera or Sweet 16
Glam Make Up - Day
Glam Make Up - Night
Dramatic Theatrical Look
Middle Eastern Look
Natural Nude Look
Colorful UV Look


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